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I write for NGOs, businesses, and academics who want to communicate their research to a general audience, and any organization that needs to make sure its English content is clear and targeted.

I begin by learning about your audience — what they want, what motivates them, and what “voice” works best for them. I consult with your team to understand your goals and needs. I then incorporate this essential information into straightforward, engaging text that speaks to the right audience in the right tone. 

This content may include:

  • Technical documentation: I can write internal documentation, user instructions, help desk reference materials, quick-start guides, reports, briefs, and other documents. Of course, I start by learning the relevant information and understanding what your audience needs.
  • Training materials: Learning should be engaging, never dull. I have extensive experience writing e-learning storyboards and instructor-led facilitator and participant guides and can create training materials for your international employees or volunteers.
  • Informational web and print content: Inform your audience without boring or confusing them. I can write blog content, explainer pieces, FAQs, how-to instructions, white papers, and anything that informs people about your work. I specialize in distilling complex or disjointed information into its essence and communicating in an engaging way that non-experts can understand.
  • Storytelling: Stories are the best way to connect with people. I incorporate them when appropriate.
  • Video scripts: I can help you prepare for your next video (even if you do some ad-libbing) with scripted voiceover, voice on camera, and on-screen text.

None of this happens in a silo. I take a consultative, collaborative approach and begin by listening deeply to your needs and goals. I ask such questions as:

  • Who is your audience? Who are you trying to connect with? Where are they, and what do you know about them?
  • What “voice” is appropriate for this audience? Do you want a friendly, casual tone, or a more serious, professional, or academic one?
  • Do they relate better to technical language or to “plain English”?
  • What is the purpose of this written content? What are you hoping people will understand or do after reading it?
  • What hesitations or objections might your audience have? What turns them off?
  • …and others, depending on the context.
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Betsy Hedberg

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