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Documentation & Organizational Stories

If you want to document and share your processes, stories, and lessons learned — either within or outside your organization — this must be done in a planned and thoughtful way. 

I can help you compile and organize your information into clearly written and easy-to-follow content that your employees, partners, donors, and others can use. 

For example, I consulted with War Child to create their Can’t Wait to Learn implementation guidelines. These guidelines provide a comprehensive overview of the Can’t Wait to Learn programme, from its inception to future plans. This information will be invaluable for new implementing partners and is also of interest to donors and other stakeholders. 

This major project involved:

  • Gathering written documentation from a variety of sources and editing it for clarity and a consistent voice.
  • Collaboratively assessing the information gaps and identifying what users would need to know.
  • Interviewing people involved in the programme’s development, writing what they shared, and structuring the content into clear and user-friendly sections.
  • Organizing large amounts of material into a logical framework that people can easily follow.

Here are a few screenshots of the finished product:

I can do this for your organization too. Not everyone enjoys this type of work, but I do! Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

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