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Learn more about my work in this very short video. You'll also get a peek at my workspace, with a two-toed sloth, sandhill crane, and giant podcasting microphone that didn't actually work when I made the video. (The captions use American spelling to match my accent, but I can also do traditional British spelling — realise instead of realize, for example.)

More About Me

I’ve been a professional English-language writer, editor, and proofreader for over 20 years, and I never get tired of it. Truth be told, I write and edit when I’m off-duty, and I love improving written English every chance I get.

But I don’t just work with language, I work with people. I love collaborating, and I naturally empathize with my audience, getting to know and understand what they need and feel. (My studies in psychology and cultural geography and my work as a teacher and counselor helped develop these skills.)

Of course, I’m not just a writer and editor. I’m also a business owner. My professional values include clear and prompt communicationcareful listening, active collaboration, and conscientious attention to detail. I offer my clients a down-to-earth, no-BS experience.

How did I end up here?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with language.

Why do we say this instead of that? How can words and sentences be changed to convey a new message? Why do certain sentences sound right while others sound strange?

When I was 8, I bought Berlitz Swedish for Travelers and taught myself some phrases to practice on my Swedish-speaking grandparents. I tried to teach myself Spanish from the American TV show Sesame Street. And teachers noticed that I was really good at my own language.

I even enjoyed grammar exercises in school.

I’ve also been forever curious, especially about people. Why do people think and behave in certain ways? What makes people happy? What’s it like to be this person, or that person? This curiosity fosters empathy, which comes in handy in my work.

That’s only part of my story, of course…from my photo you can tell I love to travel and explore. My travel experiences help bring context and perspective when I write for global audiences. And I always love a good adventure!

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I look forward to helping you perfect your English documents!

Betsy Hedberg

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