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The innovation: If this 2009 US patent moves into production, this lovely guardian angel Christmas tree topper might save your life. When you place her at the top of your Christmas tree, “at least one of a predetermined amount of smoke and heat” will set off an audible alarm. That’s a very helpful angel.

Or is it an angle?

The English: Even if this one seems easy, beware of those sneaky English words that look and sound the same (or almost the same) but generally mean very different things.

Here are a few common ones, in context (we’ll review more in a later post):

The white angel sits at a slight angle on top of the tree.

I write about the angel smoke detector because it’s right to inform you of your Christmas safety options.

It’s too soon to tell if you’ll need to buy one or two angels.

There are many clever inventors. Their ideas include angel smoke detectors. They’re going to make a million euros on this idea.

Where is your angel costume? You’re wearing it!

Will the cargo of plastic angels be stopped at the border? The boarders at the Angel Boarding House hope not. They plan to sell them for their Christmas benefit.

I hope the angels will bring peace to the world. If not, I’ll break them into pieces. (No, I wouldn’t really do that!)

Happy holidays, everyone!