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Betsy Hedberg


Technical and creative English language content for your global audience.


If you communicate to an English-speaking audience, your written content must be clear and sound natural. Otherwise, you risk misunderstandings, wasted time, loss of credibility, and customers looking elsewhere.

It really all comes down to user experience (UX). You want people to quickly understand what you’re saying, know how to respond, and feel good.

I often notice these common problems:

– Too much jargon (overly complicated or obscure wording that isn’t clear, even for a technical audience)

– Important information presented in a boring way

– Lame or vague microcopy (like “An error has occurred” or “Sorry, you failed!”)

– Bad English (written English that’s awkward or unclear)

I’m a native English-speaking writer and editor, and I can help you simplify the complex and communicate efficiently and precisely to make your users (customers, prospects, employees – whoever reads your content) feel great about their experience. I love transforming complicated, abstract, vague, disjointed, or awkward information into plain English, keeping the important parts while making your content faster to read and easier to understand.

Focus on the work you do best, and I’ll take care of your English writing and editing.


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Don’t let dodgy English stand in the way of your business goals.

Betsy Hedberg

+31 (0)61 850 5055