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Betsy Hedberg


Technical and creative English-language content for your global audience

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I’m a native English-speaking editor, writer, storyteller, and learning designer. I can help you simplify the complex and communicate efficiently and precisely, with a creative flare when called for.

I work with NGOs, UN agencies, businesses, academic institutions, and other international organizations that need project-based help with their documentation, reports, informational content, learning programmes, and other written communications.

Clients often come to me seeking:

  • Well-structured informational and educational content that maximizes learning and understanding.
  • Audience-focused learning experiences for education, training, and presentations.
  • Help transforming dense text into something more user-friendly.
  • Consolidation of multiple documents into streamlined guides.
  • Clarity about how to get their points across.
  • Confidence that their audience will not have to strain or struggle as they read.

I’d love to collaborate with you and your team — please contact me to discuss how I can help.

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I look forward to helping your team with upcoming English-language editing, writing, and learning design projects!

Betsy Hedberg

+31 (0)61 850 5055